Vintage Mailbags-Turned-Handbags From Ampersand At Apostrophe

I love the notion of products with stories, and so I became giddy when I came across these gorgeous vintage mailbags-turned-handbags from Ampersand as Apostrophe. The brainchild of 27-year-old Jessica Park, the line consists exclusively of over-the-shoulder bags that double as clutches, restructured from century-old leather and canvas. Since each piece is handcrafted from recycled materials, the line is sustainable and socially responsible. Details:

this bag is handcrafted from a 100 yr old vintage english mailbag. each is handmade + designed individually, due to it’s rare vintage quality of leather + canvas. look inside to discover the stamped graphic number, unique to each bag. by revealing the honest nature of materials + staying true to the previous life they once lived, this refined modern bag was re-born. it’s versatility allows one to transform it’s use from day to evening + from shoulder bag to clutch. this is a “limited edition” bag by ampersand as apostrophe, as there are only 100 to be made.

The romance is undeniable.

Available at Ampersand at Apostrophe for $935. (hey, a girl can dream)

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Ampersand at Apostrophe.

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